Youth Club

Get busy on a Friday evening with all the fun activities we have to offer. We provide a safe, supervised space where young people can engage in pool, table tennis, music, fussball, board games, PS4 and refreshments. No need to register, just turn up on the day and get involved.

Social interaction: Peer support, developing social skills, build friendships, and combat feelings of isolation or loneliness.

Personal development: Confidence-building, decision-making skills, and self-expression.

Mentorship and support: Trained staff and volunteers at Inspire can offer mentorship, guidance, and support to young people, helping them navigate challenges and make positive choices.

Community engagement: Developing a sense of belonging and connection to the community, fostering community pride and engagement


Juniors 5-7pm Age 11-13yrs

Seniors 7-9pm Age 14-18yrs

Location: Newington Tenants Hall, 77 Canterbury Place, Walworth. London. SE17 3AD

Craft Club

Inspire’s weekly Craft Club are lead by Abi & Fam. The sessions include craft skills, such as sewing, tote bag making, tie-dye, t-shirt making, jewellery-making, crochet and more. The craft sessions offer a range of benefits that contribute to personal development, well-being, and sense of belonging within the community:

Creativity: Engaging in crafts allows young people to express themselves creatively, fostering imagination and innovation.

Resourcefulness: Crafting often involves repurposing materials or finding creative solutions to challenges, teaching young people valuable lessons in resourcefulness and problem-solving.

Skill development: Crafting sessions provide opportunities for young people to learn new skills, such as painting, sewing, making, fixing, which can be valuable for personal development and future employment.

Self-esteem: Completing craft projects successfully can boost young people’s self-esteem and confidence, instilling a sense of accomplishment and pride in their abilities.

Stress relief: Crafting can serve as a therapeutic outlet, helping young people manage stress and anxiety by focusing their attention on the creative process and promoting relaxation.

Social interaction: The group setting offers young people opportunities to socialise, collaborate, and build friendships with peers who share similar interests.


Age 11-18

Location: Newington Tenants Hall, 77 Canterbury Place, Walworth. London. SE17 3AD


Inspire runs free friendly football sessions at Burgess Park Football Pitch.

The sessions involve learning new techniques through warm ups, drills and training and get the chance to play competitively in a friendly and welcoming environment. The football sessions can contribute to the holistic development and well-being of young people and bring numerous benefits:

Improved physical fitness: promoting overall wellbeing.

Mental health: Exercise has been linked to improved mood and reduced anxiety and stress levels, providing a positive outlet for emotional well-being.

Social Cohesion: The sessions can foster a sense of community and belonging, bringing young people together and promoting teamwork and camaraderie.

Skill development: Skills development, such as teamwork, communication, leadership and discipline, which can be valuable in various aspects of life.

Positive role models: Interaction with coaches and mentors can provide the young people with positive role models and guidance.

Improved academic performance: Research has shown that regular physical activity can improve cognitive function and academic performance.


Age 11-13 + 14-18

Location: Burgess Park Football Pitch, Coburg Road, SE5 0JD