Timberland Project – Joy Crookes x 2Inspire Youth

Critically acclaimed Singer-songwriter Joy Crookes led a community-driven initiative at 2Inspire Youth Club, based not far from her home in Elephant and Castle – with Timberland. Joy grew up in this area and remains firmly rooted in her local community and passionate about equipping future generations with the confidence and guidance they need to succeed.

Joy Crookes with some of our 2Inspire young people

Timberland work with communities across the world to uplift and renew their local areas, with projects involving, to name a few, the creation of green spaces, enhancing existing community projects and supporting areas where local people can gather and unite to achieve their shared goals. ‘My Community, Our Nature’ continues this path, helping to encourage and strengthen the local heroes through Inspire and make their communities unique. These programmes empower local people to make significant progress in their areas, harnessing human nature for a better future.


Joy Crookes who grew up around the area has become a success as a singer and has released an album under ‘Insanity Records’ – a division under Sony Music. “Skin is my debut album and the proudest work I have made to date,” said Crookes.

When the Timberland team reached out to us they expressed her desire to want to work with our young people and create programmes that could be long lasting. This in turn would help her personally as she was always been passionate about doing more in her community.