I.T. Suite

Situated in north-west of the building, our spacious I.T. suite provides the perfect location for any computer based training. With 8 desktop PC’s, a linked computer (or laptop) and projector screen and ample desk space for each user, we can guarantee a great training experience.

Additional features: This room has access to WIFI and ethernet internet. Projectors, laptops and a PA system are all available subject to availability.

’88% of hirers rated our staff customer service as excellent’

Charity Rate Private Rate
Hourly Rate £25 £30
3 hours
£70 £80
7 hours
£150 £175
Sat 9am-11pm | Sun 1-9pm
Charity Rate Private Rate
Hourly Rate £35 £45
3 hours £90 £110
7 hours £190 £230
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