Room hire FAQs

Below is a list of commonly asked questions with regards hiring our rooms. Should you still need more information, feel free to give us a call on 020 7740 6868 and we will help you with your query.

Unfortunately no. The forecourt in front of St Peter’s Church (who are our landlords) belongs to the church and is administrated by them, we do not have access to the forecourt  or the front gates. There is parking available on-street in Liverpool Grove however there are charges for this. If you are bringing catering or music equipment to InSpire for your booking you are welcome to pull up in front of the gates at St Peters to unload/reload. Please ensure your relevant contacts are aware of this.

Unfortunately no. Our kitchen and café area is leased out to an external business and is not available for use by people hiring our rooms.

You can book Inspire until 11pm Monday-Saturday and until 9pm on Sunday. If you require an additional hour to clear up after your booking we will need to add that to your hire charge.

Unfortunately no. InSpire is located in a densely residential area and agreements are in place to guarantee there is no noise disturbance from InSpire after the booking concludes.

We expect that when you book Inspire that your event will start and finish at the agreed times and that you will have cleared up by the agreed finish time of your booking. this agreement is non-negotiable. If your booking runs past the agreed time, we will charge you for the additional hour you run into plus an additional £20 per hour per staff member on site. This will be deducted from your deposit. Please note that we are a community centre with charitable aims and we request that you honour the booking times you have made and do not overrun under any circumstances.

Yes. We are not licensed for the sale of alcohol but you are very welcome to bring alcohol for you and your guests and should inform us when you book the room(s) that you will be doing so. We are required to have a minimum of two members of staff at InSpire when alcohol is being served and this will incur an additional charge. All charges for space hire will be agreed at the time of booking.

We do not. Our day to day operation is as a community centre and as such we are not set up to offer extras that you might find at party venues.

Yes, you’re very welcome to bring music with you, our only stipulation is that the music cannot run past 11pm. The equipment available at InSpire is limited so we recommend you come prepared! Please ask us if you have any questions.

Yes you are welcome to bring any decorations you wish for your event. Please note that we require the space to be fully cleared and tidied after use so please allow adequate time to take down and clear the decorations that you bring. You can decorate the brick parts of the hall, but not the painted panels or doors.