iPad classes

Our iPad classes have proved immensely popular and successful. Those who have attended have often been completely new to using tablets of any kind, and often completely unused to computers in general. Attendees if they prefer also bring their own other branded tablets if they so wish too.

Here is what the session leader had to say about the classes…

By the end of the last term, members were routinely using Face Book and other social media, sending e-mails and taking/sharing photos. They had made short videos, watched free films on You Tube and the internet (leading to an interesting visit to the Cinema Museum), taken photos of the garden in Burgess Park and found websites relevant to their own interests. They also investigated venues and menus before making an on-line booking for our Christmas lunch and then downloaded a map and directions. Participants confidence level has raised considerably and we are working on wider uses and day to day advantages of using new media.

This group is run by Artic (ART In Communities) who have been working with InSpire for over 10 years now running a range of community activities for older people.

For more information, contact Gil Mutch gilmutch@mac.com

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