Tuesday to Friday: 10am-7pm
‘Cakes that Inspire Conversation’

Be prepared for something new and completely different. The Indulgent Sugar Plum Bakery gives you the Cake House in our Café Crypt and will be serving sumptuous and delicious cakes and confectionery that are as much a wonder to see as to eat. Teas and coffees are also served and there is a great lunch menu too. Add to this, the location of the Café Crypt which is by far the most impressive surroundings of any café in the area.

Indulgent Sugar Plum are a concept bakery & lifestyle store which was established in 2013, producing luxurious cakes & confectionery, craft gifts and inspirational workshops. Each of their cakes are handcrafted and the aim is for everyone to indulge without hesitation. Come satisfy all your sweet cravings with this unique experience.

The Indulgent Sugar Plum moved to InSpire in late 2016. We love having such a great café in our community centre. Indulgent Sugar Plum support InSpire through work placements for young bakers, fundraising events and community workshops.

Nastassja and her team have also been the focus of a Channel 4 documentary Extreme Cake Makers, which you can watch here.
For more information call 07496 141985, or for the latest pictures, updates and menus visit
The Indulgent Sugar Plum Bakery

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